Who We Are

Andie Regan

Andie discovered her love of the culinary world at a very young age when her mother used to bake with her and her father taught her how to cook gourmet dishes. As an extremely talented amateur chef, Andie’s dad taught her everything from how to use knives properly to what seasonings would add the right flavor to each dish – and everything in between – as they spent countless hours making family meals together. When Andie was quite young she began watching the early cooking shows on television including Ace of Cakes and The Cake Boss, both of which solidified her love of baking. Her interest in both baking and cooking led her taking courses at the Culinary Institute of America. Westfair PhotoAfter dabbling in making cupcakes and cakes and taking classes at Carlos’ Bakery where she learned how to use fondant and decorate cakes, Andie turned her attention to using royal icing on butter cookies. The rest is history as she combined the entrepreneurial values taught at home with her special talent and created Karma Cookies with her friend and partner Emily Lapine. As their business expanded from local orders to specialty designs and occasions, Andie’s personal touch and artistic designs have flourished to create the delicious Karma Cookies seen in the photos on this site. When not in her bakery, Andie is an honors student, three season varsity athlete, and wonderful daughter and sister.

Emily Lapine

Emily’s culinary and entrepreneurial business talents are likely genetic as she was raised by a mother who is a cookbook author and innovator known as “The Sneaky Chef.” Emily spent countless hours in the kitchen and office with her mom tasting, testing and consulting on recipes and ideas to bring the brand to life. Gifted with a “super palette,” and sharp sense of business, Emily became the chief taste tester and marketing intern for the family businesses. So it was no surprise that when Andie and Emily started baking cookies together that Emily’s intrinsic talents took off with each new recipe they produced. Emily’s keen sense of design and passion for style makes every cookie unique, artful and almost too perfect to eat! Outside the kitchen, Emily works hard to achieve high honors in school, play tennis and lacrosse, edit the school newspaper, and work with charities close to her heart.